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Whittington Heath GC

Club News

Mark Fry – Greenkeeper International magazine Cover Star

Our head greenkeeper, Mark Fry, recently made the front cover of the Greenkeeper International magazine. In the article Mark explains how excited he is to be involved in the development of the new holes on the course as well as the initiative to restore Whittington Heath’s classic heathland characteristic.

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Whittington Heath project to bring back ‘Golden Age’ look

Golf Course Arcitecture had a feature about the development of the course.

It included a quote from the architect John Gaunt

“We’re looking to bring back a much more open, heathland character to the golf course, with wider views of the landscape, as it would have been when Harry Colt was working there in the 1920s. We expect that when the golf course establishes, it will begin to take on that ‘Golden Age’ look – broad expanses of hinterland with rolling features and dramatic areas of wilderness edging into the playing areas.”


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