HS2 Overview | Whittington Heath Golf Club


Whittington Heath Golf Club sits directly on the path of the government's declared path for HS2 and our course and facilities will be affected....


The club cannot escape from the planned proposals and our future has been a matter for speculation both within the club itself and on a wider, public platform. However, the determination of our members and the hard work and diligence of elected committee members means our future is secure. Even during construction, our golf course will remain playable at all times and will remain a desirable venue for casual visitors and societies.

When the current plans were announced, the club was faced with the serious threat of extinction because the proposed route for HS2 runs straight through the middle of the course. The current clubhouse is scheduled for demolition and five golf holes will be lost. But a successful planning application and the purchase of adjacent land means Whittington Heath Golf Club does have a future. We could simply have accepted the route as a signal for the course’s closure but we made a conscious decision to work with HS2 and preserve 130 years of golf and the much longer history of the overall site.

As a result, and by virtue of a process known as 'equivalent re-instatement', a new club house and five new holes will be built with all costs being borne by HS2. Within the plans, we have incorporated publicly accessible ecological areas including wetlands and environmental offset land.

Equivalent re-instatement ensures that the level of our current facilities will be maintained on a new-for-old basis. The new golf holes will be constructed to replicate the traditional heathland environment of those taken away and the new clubhouse will reflect the accomodation we currently have, but of course, with the incorporation of modern-day regulations and requirements.

For a long time, there were rumours that our club was to close. But on Tuesday September 20th, 2016, when we formally announced to local media that our planning application had been approved, we corrected that misconception.

Detailed plans of the golf club project will be available on these pages shortly, but as of now, the preparatory work continues and updates will appear here on a regular basis.