Latest update 4th March - The weather has been kind and the fantastic Greasley crews are making great progress with the bunker and tee building. All work on the front nine is complete - we just need the new turf to bed-in and then the GUR round the bunkers can be removed. Work on the back nine holes is well advanced with only the 17th and 10th holes bunkers to be worked on. The irrigation system is also well advanced.

J. Tomlinson the clubhouse and greenkeeper compound builders have commenced work on their compound and by the end of the month should be ready to commence work on the clubhouse



Work commences on the irrigation system. The pipe laying machine is capable of installing a 100 metres of pipe in about 30 minutes. The control cables are also installed on top of the pipe.

On the 7th January work commenced on the new 18th green by striping the turf away. This green is now complete as the collage below shows the start and end of this construction.

 Clockwise from top left picture Charlie Greasley, Mike Raj and Jonathan Gaunt discuss the progress of the green's construction. In the bottom picture you can see the green construction and finally the completed  green which is just waiting for seeding.

Two pictures of the new Bunker construction on the current 18th green - this will eventually be the 17th green. This green is now complete and the surround has been fully turfed.


 Watering the new turf today. Just shows what a dry winter we are having - cue torrential rain. 
 14th Hole all the bunkers complete
 15th Hole in progress 
 18th Hole complete. This photo is taken from the direction that you will approach when it becomes the 17th hole in two years time.
Today Monday 4th March is very important as J Tomlinson have started to build their compound which will be their base for the clubhouse build. Fantastic!!!
 New Entrance taking shape with the path to the new clubhouse already on it's way.
 The "risings" or more commonly called cores from tining our greens are being spread onto the new 18th green so that it will have a similar feel to our original greens. To cover one new green it takes the "risings" from approximately 6 greens. 
 The earth movers have started to level the ground for the new holes - this will be the route of the new 5th hole.
 The official ground breaking for the Clubhouse - forward to 2020