Whittington Heath project to bring back 'Golden Age' look

by Office

on Thu March 21, 2019

" We're looking to bring back a much more open, heathland character to the Golf Course, with wider views of the landscape, as it would have been when Harry Colt was working there in the 1920's"

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Next key step into our exciting and bright future

by Office

on Thu February 7, 2019

Whittington Heath Golf Club is about to enter the second phase of the HS2 programme to rebuild and remodel our course. Whilst the HS2 decision to proceed was not of our making, we are maximising on the opportunity to try to create a new, and sustainable, future for our Club.

There are aspects of the course where development has been underway since early January. Now it is the time to look to the new Clubhouse, car park, access road off Common Lane and ancillary facilities being created. The new Clubhouse will be developed at the end of the existing 1st hole and will have views across the land towards Whittington Village. This land will be our new 5 holes.

The Club have selected J Tomlinson’s to undertake this work and by signing the contracts, this week, it means they will be mobilised to start at the end of February 2019. The access road and car park are intended to be functional by May/June 2019. J Tomlinson will dovetail with the Club’s Course contractors, Greasley’s, to ensure when they start to construct the new 5 holes in April their collective work is undertaken efficiently and effectively.

The Clubhouse should be completed by July 2020 and heritage aspects will be retained by incorporating such as the grandstand canopy (previously used for viewing the Lichfield races) in the new facilities.
Darroch Baker, Managing Director (construction) at J Tomlinson, commented: “The redevelopment of such a prominent golf club is a very exciting project and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”
“We look forward to working closely with the club and the project team to deliver new state-of-the-art facilities that are in keeping with the club’s intricate history.”
The Club are delighted to see so many visitors coming to see how the new Club and course are being developed. Come and join us -you are all very welcome.

Editor’s note

Photos are of Andrew Gomez, President and Richard Harding, Captain of Whittington Heath Golf Club with Darroch Baker, MD Construction, J Tomlinson.
Taken on 7th February 2019 at WHGC.

Midland Club Golfer Article

by Office

on Wed February 6, 2019


The work has started on our HS2 programme, whilst clearly was not of our choice, it is now being used to our advantage. Fantastic planning by our Member volunteers over the past three years has been based on minimising disruption for our Members, visitors and societies. So the key work on the existing course is being undertaken during the winter months. So all can enjoy this great heathland course from April onwards with absolute minimum impact.

Our course contractor, Greasleys, have been selected not just on price and quality, however also on the experience of working with golf clubs such as ours. We are gathering daily feedback from our Members and so far it is extremely positive on the contact with their staff. The GUR ( no retrieval of your is ball allowed) has already benefited the junior section with the golf balls being collected by Greasleys !!!!

Sometimes adversity brings you great opportunities and so it has been with HS2. We have a number of examples where we can see a better future. New modern Clubhouse, new irrigation system, removal of an excessive number of trees and replanting of heather – the Harry Colt vision is being reignited.

We have also made some very positive decisions for the future management of the Club with a 5-year business plan and creation of new posts such as General Manager and Course Manager. Whilst the timing of these improvements still needs to be worked through, the future of WHGC is very very bright.

Come and see for yourself. A very warm welcome will be waiting for you.