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Whittington Heath GC

Pro Staff

Whittington Heath Golf Club is one of the oldest members’ clubs in the country and boasts one of the finest heathland courses.

HS2 development has given the club a stunning modern clubhouse, complemented by a spacious professional shop and indoor swing room.

Headed by PGA Professional, Mike Raj, the professional team reflects the relaxing, hospitable atmosphere of the club, bidding a warm welcome to visitors and members alike whilst delivering professional, helpful customer service.

Qualified, skilled and experienced, the Professional Team offers a wide range of coaching, club fitting and club repair services complemented by the shop, which stocks an impressive selection of clothing and equipment.

Mike Raj – Head PGA Professional

My philosophy

I started coaching in 1994 and have taught at every level of the game, from beginners to Tour Professionals.

I believe in using a player’s own natural movements to create an effective and repeatable swing.

We are all built differently. So why teach the same swing to everyone? A quick study of the World’s top players will show how different swings can produce great results.

There is no one method that will suit all golfers, and any attempts to change what comes naturally, or to over-complicate the swing, will result in frustration, lack of confidence and ultimate dissatisfaction with the game. To say nothing of the added expense of unnecessary coaching.

I also understand that most club golfers would love to improve their game, but don’t have time to practise.

I will help you to achieve your goals within these restraints and get the most enjoyment from your game.

“I believe in keeping things simple. Most players only need subtle changes to make a big difference to their game.”

Ben Paylor-Jones – PGA Professional

My philosophy

Golf is a fast-developing game with new technology and coaching methods changing the way that the modern golfer plays the game we love.

I am a firm believer that simplifying the golf swing and using your body to swing the golf club is the modern way to play golf and the new technology that is around now allows golfers to do this.

The golf swing is constantly under pressure when playing a round of golf so having fewer moving parts and hitting shots with bigger muscle groups will allow the golfer to develop natural moves that can only aid in health and performance.

I like to give my pupils a few small points that they can take with them to the course. Most club golfers will play once or twice each week, so understanding their swing will result in faster development, better practice and a higher chance of them achieving their desired goals.

“The modern game is changing – the simpler we keep things, the more likely we are to achieve the results we want.”