THE CLUB | Whittington Heath Golf Club


The Club originated in 1886 with a nine hole course set out on Whittington Heath a high piece of land adjacent to Whittington Barracks, two and half miles from the Cathedral City of Lichfield.

Previous to this the heath has been used as a horse racing track, and there is still today visible reminders of this, particularly the “road” to the right of the 6th fairway and at the back of the 7th Green.

Father of the Club was George Simon a Lieutenant Colonel of the Army Medical Service, who founded the Club which for some years was just a military one. Eventually civilian members were elected and gradually these members took over the running of the Club.

The Club purchased the golf course from the M.O.D in 1994. This was financed by the members.

In 1927. Mr H.S.Colt was brought in to re-model and extend the course to eighteen holes, and a wonderful job he made of it, producing a par with any in the county. Not a slogging course the length only 6490 yards, but one that makes the player think where he will put his tee shot and gives him a problem with his second. There is heather and gorse to contend with for those who stray from the straight and narrow, and one does occasionally wander among the oaks which have grown during the past 50 years.

Although large parts of the heath were occupied by the military during two world wars, the Club continued in being throughout and some holes were kept in play, albeit in poor condition and in 1945 it was even suggested that the course no longer existed.

Through the efforts of the Professional Fred Fox and others the course was rapidly recovered.

In 88 years the Club has had only five Professionals starting in 1905 with David Fox and then a Mr W.Goodrich for a brief period before Fred Fox, David's brother took over in1931 until 1968, when Adrian Sadler took over. At the end of 2009 Adrian Sadler retired from the Club after 44 years and Mike Raj was appointed Professional.