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Congratulations to Richard Burton and Chris Farkas

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on Thu August 29, 2019

Chris Farkas and Richard Burton this years winners of the Cox Chalice. Congratulations guys a brilliant result. 

The 'Cox Chalice' was first presented in 2008 in memory of Brian Cox by his family. Brian had been Secretary of Whittington Heath Golf club from 1984 to 1986, Secretary of the Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs from 1991 to 2003 and President in 2004/5. The competition is a Men’s Seniors County Better Ball
Stableford Championship. Previous winners include Bob White and Terry Seamark who have in fact won it on two occasions

Whittington Heath says farewell to Trevor Morris, after 52 years!

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on Fri August 23, 2019

As a young boy living in Whittington village, Trevor Morris used to make his way to school along the boundary of the golf course, and during school holidays he would play with other village children daring to venture on to the golf course.

Little did he know then, that he would spend all of his working life at Whittington Golf Club.

After leaving school at the age of 14, In July 1967, Trevor was offered a job at the golf club. One of his first jobs was to rake the bunkers having been told in no uncertain terms that members were very fussy about bunkers being raked properly !

Then 6 years later, in 1973, Trevor was appointed Head Greenkeeper at Whittington. At just 21 years of age, Trevor was then probably the youngest head greenkeeper in the country. After 52 years at the club Trevor retired on 1st June this year.

At the farewell presentation to Trevor on 8th August attended by club members and staff, Club Captain, Richard Harding, said “ Trevor has devoted 52 years to the golf club and, primarily, to the course. His passion and love of the club is evident in everything he does and it is remarkable that during all this time he has never submitted a sick note !. Trevor is a dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, and reliable individual. All the members of the club wish him well in his retirement, and are indebted to his work on this wonderful golf course”

Since 1973 Trevor has been responsible for maintaining the course in a condition which has continued to enhance its reputation as one of the best heathland golf courses in the Midlands. The club has hosted many national and international competitions with Whittington Heath being chosen a testament to both the challenge offered by the course, and the high standard that it has been kept by Trevor and his team.

Trevor said “Nature has always been my boss ! I have been so fortunate to have worked on such a beautiful golf course. I have loved my job and grateful for the support I have received from club members. I have always got on well with everyone and over the years I have made a lot of friends at the club. “

Whilst Trevor may no longer be working on the course, he will not stop playing golf. Trevor is a competent golfer, and has always tried to play a round at least once per week, and will continue to do so.

Trevor Morris is modest by nature, with a quiet demeanour. He has a plethora of greenkeeping skills with a well founded knowledge of heathland and he will tell you . . . . “Heathland grasses need little fertiliser and even less water !”

Whittington Heath Golf Club says goodbye to Jenny Burton

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on Tue May 7, 2019


The Great Storm – hurricane force winds batter south-east England, making Michael Fish famous!
Work begins on Channel Tunnel
Black Monday – stock markets around the world crash
Andy Murray is born

At the beginning of 1987 Jenny’s son, Richard, began his primary education and Jenny registered with a staffing agency, hoping to find suitable part-time job. She was directed to Whittington Barracks Golf Club.

The rest, as they say, is history!

The club manager at that time, Mr Mike Scargill, gave Jenny a brief interview and offered her the post of part-time secretary (replacing Sue Barker!).

On arrival for her first day she was given a desk and very little guidance. It was September and the annual subscriptions were arriving. It was Jenny’s responsibility to record these in a little black book, which is still in the office. Collecting and accounting subscriptions has been dutifully carried out annually ever since.

Mr Scargill seemed to be on the golf course a great deal and Jenny’s responsibilities grew at an alarming rate - weekly wages (paid in cash!), bookkeeping, bookings for societies and visitors, handling general enquiries

Following Mike Scargill’s departure, Mr Nevil Spence and Mr John Macalester were appointed with responsibility for administration and golfing matters respectively.

THREE in the office but Jenny survived. –just!

Wisely, Jenny volunteered to run the open competitions – Mixed Open, Invitation Day etc. – and thus gained some escape from the crowded office. It was, however, no easy task – all the organisation prior to the event and a long day starting at 7.30am and not ending until after the prize presentation. Her reward was a day off in lieu, which she could enjoy with her family.
During the AGM in January 1996, Mr Spence announced his retirement. The captain, Mr Iain Rae, offered Jenny the position of Administrator, which she accepted.

Since this time Jenny has worked with many captains (23 in total), all of whom were different in their requirements and expectations. Jenny preferred those who were still working!! All past captains have testified to Jenny’s knowledge and numerous skills and have appreciated her total loyalty to the Captain and the Golf Club.

Jenny has run a friendly and efficient office, supported by a number of assistants. She has risen to the many challenges which her position presented and enjoyed the fact that every day was different.

Then, along came governance! Changes to structures, job descriptions, responsibilities, HS2 issues, new clubhouse etc!
After much thought Jenny decided that the time was right for her to move on and she reluctantly resigned. “I will be very sad to go but I have many happy memories and have made many friends. I love my Spanish holidays and look forward to more of those and to time spent with my family”

She has also insisted that she is not retiring – no doubt she will find a part-time job and others will benefit from her undoubted knowledge and experience.

Thank you, Jenny. Be happy with your husband, Tony, your two children, Richard and Susan, and, of course, your much-loved grandson, Elliott.




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on Thu April 4, 2019

Our club hosted the first of this year’s European Long Drive Golf Championships on 29th and 30th March 2019. The weather for the amateur competition on the Friday was perfect, a clear blue sky with little wind, which the visiting amateurs from England, and one from South Africa, took full advantage of by reaching amazing distances into a grid laid out on the long fairway of our first hole.

Our own Ryan Brooks won the amateur competition with a drive of 386 yards, beating runner-up Liam Eve’s drive of 385 yards by just one yard !

On the following day the weather turned colder, and there was a heavier atmosphere and wind making the conditions more challenging for the 21 professionals who had traveled to Whittington Heath from Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and Spain, joining 9 professionals from the UK.

Celebrity twice world champion Joe Miller chose to enter this UK competition ahead of leaving for the United States later this week to play in the World Long Drive Series in Arizona and other US States this summer, and the World Series final taking place in Oklahoma this September.

Joe said “ I have enjoyed playing at Whittington today which is a very friendly and welcoming golf club, and it is clearly an exciting time for the club with their course development going so well”. His visit coincided with the re-opening of our course for our members, societies and visitors following HS2 preparation work that has been taking place during the winter months. Joe’s longest ever competitive drive has been 474 yards. Like almost all of the professionals on the long drive tour, Joe has a single figure golf handicap ( +2).

Longest drive of the day was from Will Phillips at 390 yards.

Emil Rosberg from Sweden was the winner of the exciting tournament with a drive of 364 yards beating Scotsman James Tait’s 340 yards in the final set. The third place play-off was won by Joe Miller.

Our Captain Richard Harding said “We have been delighted to host this important competition, and have been particularly pleased to learn that this event has been so successful that the European Long Drive tour have told us they will choose us again to host future events. We look forward to welcoming the tour back to Whittington Heath ”.

Our attractive heathland golf course has always been a popular centrally located competition venue, but this is the first time it has hosted a long drive tour event, and the first time the tour has visited the UK Midlands.

An amazing golfing year from Dan Whitby- Smith

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on Wed January 23, 2019