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Whittington Heath

SkyTrack Launch Monitor & Indoor Swing Room

Offering the latest in indoor technology with the ability to analyse an individual’s swing to provide data on swing speed, ball speed, spin direction and launch trajectory to name but a few of benefits of new technology to take an individual’s game to the next level. The SkyTrack Launch Monitor also provides the Professional team with the required information to give a comprehensive and advanced custom fitting experience.

Grass Practice Range

Covering 370 yards in length, the grass practice area is where the majority of our full swing lessons and group coaching takes place. Allowing most individuals to hit full shots with every club in their bag.

Short Game Area

Our new grass short game area offers a range of basic and also testing playing positions that allow you to hit a wide range of short game shots, from close chipping to 30-yard pitches. We also have 3 bunkers that give you the opportunity to replicate shots that you would play on our wonderful course.

Two Putting Greens

We have two putting greens. One is situated by the first tee and short game area where players can putt for practice or warm up before playing. Our other putting green sits alongside the 18th green and right outside the clubhouse. Having this extra facility allows golfers to practice pre and post round but also access the clubhouse facilities including the spike bar where refreshments are served.