Dress Code | Whittington Heath Golf Club


Whittington Heath Golf Club, a welcoming and progressive Club with considerable reputation and history, fully understands the need to maintain the finest traditions whilst recognising modern standards.

To this end, we respectfully ask that everyone, whether guest, member or visitor, adheres to the Dress Code as set out below.

On the course

  • Tailored trousers including plus twos or fours
  • Speciality outdoor trousers, e.g. hiking trousers
  • Collared/turtle neck shirts with sleeves. Ladies' shirts may be sleeveless
  • Tailored shorts (with belt loops and fly) or the equivalent for ladies
  • Predominantly white or single colour sports/ankle socks or predominantly white/single colour long socks must be worn with shorts
  • Golf shoes with hard or soft spikes or dimpled soles
  • Football shirts, T-shirts or tracksuits
  • Sports, beach or baggy cargo shorts
  • Denim, baggy cargo, or tracksuit trousers
  • For men; shirts worn outside waistband of trousers.
  • Ladies are permitted to wear shirts outside of trousers/shorts/skirts only if they are designed to be worn in that manner but must cover the midriff
  • Trousers tucked into socks unless hidden by waterproofs
  • Visible trouser braces
  • Non- golf shoes or trainers, although an exception can be made for young juniors on golf introductory days

In the Clubhouse

  • Appropriate golf attire or smart casual wear
  • Shoes
  • Deck shoes or sandals (with or without socks)
  • Trousers/skirts and shirts of single colour denim


  • Waterproofs
  • Hats
  • Golf shoes of any description 
  • Cargo trousers and cargo shorts, tracksuits or shell suits, stonewashed or torn jeans, beach or athletics/football/swimming/boxing shorts
    Vests, singlets or football shirts
  • Plastic or rubber flip-flops